Who wants old, cold and rotten pizza?

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Who wants old, cold and rotten pizza?

Web2u43.com - Web To You For Free

For sure no one does. Pizza is an irresistible food on earth. It has all the variety of toppings and ingredients that will make it more hmmm delicious. There’s cheese, gourmet, Mexican green wave, peppy paneer, meatzaa, pepperoni, etc. that will want you to crave more. Made to your desire, made to order.

And what if one sunny beautiful day and you ordered pizza for delivery because you and your love ones are craving a delicious pizza. Order is confirmed, and you’re waiting and waiting…and waiting…few hours later, it came but cold, not so fresh (old) and nearly rotten. How will you react to that? What will be your first reaction to that? I’m pretty sure you’ll be pissed. And what’s even worse is that you also paid for the delivery fee hoping to get it on time.

Waiting for something you bought online should not take long for it to arrive in order secure customer satisfaction. No one in this world wants to wait longer, especially in this scenario, if you’re hungry and craving to eat so bad.

This pizza scenario is just the basic example how delivery time and made to order matters, especially if you ordered online and it’s coming from other countries. It will take days, weeks or even a month before it arrives. As the economic says, “you are losing lots of business because of delivery time delay”.

Now, what if there’s a way to better handle these things faster in any business? For sure, everybody would love it. If receiving an order just took minutes or hours everybody would be a happy customer. Even more, if free delivery charge. Yes, it will be possible.

Web2u43.comWeb To You For Free or in English term “Web to you for free”. In our thoughts, this will be the future and we aim to be part of that future, offering solutions that solve these demand sets and provides production to customer distribution, packaging and handling systems that will be out of this world.

A state of the art system will be used to allow no extra cost or charges to be added to your order. We at web2u43.com, part of Sal-Tech, are the people behind the systems that will allow such methods to come alive. As we see it, this will be a natural demand to any web shop in the future that they can apply such straight forward trade to any and all customers. It is our goal to help web shops, production and distribution companies to achieve real time delivery.

Share your thoughts about what you think about this web to you for free system on the comments below.

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