10 Reasons To Switch from Manual Hand Wrapping to Pallet Wrapping Machines

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22 May, 2017
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10 Reasons To Switch from Manual Hand Wrapping to Pallet Wrapping Machines

Manual Hand Wrapping to Pallet Wrapping Machines

All throughout the Industry, whether big or small, hand wrapping is no longer the trend. Solutions to get the job done effectively and efficiently had developed, and should I say, is continuing to develop. In accordance, stretch wrapping has been introduced and pallet wrapping machines has been the drift.

The use of hand wraps now is not the smartest move. Why? Let me give you the 10 points as to why hand wrapping is never near clever.

Number 1. Speed

Manually wrapping pallets and tons of boxes is a test of time and patience. Doing it by hand doesn’t necessarily meant better just because you’re sure everything is packed ‘well’. Throw that mindset aside and be quick with just a click of a button or two! Pallet Wrapping machines would do the task for you, so say goodbye to slow and time wasted!

Number 2. Quality

Businesses never gives up on quality, accordingly, they will set standards custom made for their business needs. In the packaging and shipping industry, however, standards won’t be done by workers since they lack accuracy and precision for such routinary tasks. Thus, technology gives you Semi or Fully Automatic Pallet Wrappers which aims to achieve quality and secures both accuracy and precision. Accuracy, as I meant, is how a wrapped product should look and feel while precision is when all the pallets wrapped look and feel the same.

Number 3. Consistency

Boxes tied down manually says inconsistent in all angles. Another point to make a sell is the consistency of packaging… quoting the old but gold advice, first impression always lasts, if not, it does carry a whole lot of effect in customer’s continuous transaction. Remember that before a product is felt and used, it is seen first. Pallet wrapping machines gives any person a visual satisfaction and peaks curiosity as to what is indeed inside those perfectly wrapped bundle.

Number 4. Efficiency/Productivity

Machines doing the dirty work for you and your workers gives you extra time to be productive. When I say productive, I say go and keep that mind wandering. Afterall, you are the ‘thinker’ machines are the ‘do-ers’.

Number 5. Safety

Apparently, it is always better to prevent injuries than bet your workers’ life for profit. Wrapping extra large bundles with one’s own hands heightens possibility of damages which leads to more and more trouble. Machine wrappers then enters here for personnel safety. With computers or just mere buttons to operate, it is more on the safe side for everyone.

Number 6. Lessened Labor Cost

Cost-effective solution? Pallet Wrappers got your back. No need to train your new recruits hard over and over again. Get machines all riled up in a push of a button. No tough course training needed in the long run.

Number 7. Reduced Material Cost

Film cost will decrease in budget since machines may be programmed to be economical. Why? Well, machines stretches films to their fullest unlike workers.

Number 8. Reduced Exhaustion

Workers has the tendency to get tired and too much leads to physical exhaustion. Take care of your workers so they could take care of your customers. Be smart. Use wrapping machines to get your pallets all wrapped up.

Number 9. Reduced Merchandise Loss

Having your pallets wrapped professionally and consistently makes it sturdy and stable. Hence, loss of product is at the loosing end. Isn’t it nice to feel more confident of your goods being transported in full and not get riled up with any misplacement?

Number 10. Reduced Merchandise Damage

You do not just look into how the pallet appears when wrapped. You would also want to keep the quality of goods inside. When wrapped poorly gives way to non-mandatory expense which doesn’t fit smart businesses. Pallet wrappers are available in market and is designed to preserve the product for shipping. No more unnecessary cost due to defectively packed pallets.

Manual Hand Wrapping to Pallet Wrapping Machines

Listed are the 10 justifications for you to shift to Pallet Wrapping Machines in no time. And so, one question lingers… Are you ready to move from hand wraps to machine induced pallet wrapping?

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